ICT Solutions

Providing enterprise level storage, network and wireless solutions has been one of our main backbone. Engaged with multiple partners to state of the art solutions to our clients

Network Active Components

Being closely associated with Huawei, Cisco and HP, Emirates Net is one of the leading implementations of Huawei Network Solutions in the region. Also, with good technical team certified from Cisco and HP experienced Engineers in the design team, Emirates Net have been providing IC solution on a large scale.

Regarding wireless network, we have been dealing with HP for the past 5 years. Solutions provided include switches, routers, firewalls and wireless network.

Chassis based servers and Rack mount servers we supply and configure are from HP and Huawei. These are the most reliable brands available in the market.

Also, Enterprise level Storage solutions for backup and Surveillance grade from Huawei and Nexsan have been implemented in many areas around the region. High density and high scalability storage systems from our vendors makes them one of the mot trusted brands in the market. The hard disks failure for both brands in 1 in every 2 years which is relatively low when compared to its competitors


Wireless Solution

One of our strong backbone, different wireless access point solutions have been deployed and commissioned in the region. Emirates Net have been exclusively dealing with Huawei and HP for the implementation of the solution. Proper site survey with coverage testing tools are conducted by our Design team to provide the client with 100% coverage and identifying the blind spot location of an already implemented system. We are one of the few organizations to deploy WIFI 6 solution in the region


IP Telephony

VoIP technology, or Voice over IP solution are the key mode of communication for any Commercial Entity. The market leaders for the solution are Cisco and Avaya. Emirates Net have been dealing with both vendors exclusively to provide VoIP solution for its clients. Conference Systems from the Manufacturers have also been implemented on a large scale for enterprise level clients


Network Management

Network Monitoring and Management Tools makes the life of the Network Engineer easier. Monitoring Tools such as Syslog and PRTG provide necessary alerts to the system when there is an error generated with the network or when there is a connectivity issue. On the other hand, Management tool such as Huawei’s e-Sight will monitor the system network and other equipment. Also, management and deployment of the devices is easier as all switches can be configured at the same time using the Management Tool


Structured Cabling

Emirates Net have been providing structured cabling solution for the past decade and covers the major subsystems of structured cabling such as End Points, Equipment Rooms, Backbone Cabling, Horizontal Cabling, Telecommunication Room and Work area Components. Closely working with Belden, Vivanco and Panduit, we have been providing cabling solutions at a vast domain related to the IT industry. Providing infrastructure cabling at the highest quality, we ensure that our clients network operates at full wire speed and maintains high availability

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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