Audio Video Solutions

Public Addressing Systems

Emirates net have deployed multiple sites with PA system from Bosch and Ahuja. Solutions have been executed in multiple Malls and Mosques. Speakers have been provided also to match the aesthetics of the location.

Emirates Net strongly believes that the PA system is mainly used for modes of communication during an instant of emergency and entertainment. Based on our believes, we have advanced tremendously in design and implementation of the system

Audio/Video Integration

Designed, engineered and deployed under professional guidance with the best of technology to deliver an efficient audio and video solution. System provided by us are used in the field security, surveillance, access control, communication and entertainment. Our solutions have a single business objective to provide quality Audio Video Solutions for all kinds of requirements while maintaining the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction

Meeting/ Board Room Solutions

Implementation of a complete Meeting Room or Board Room Solution or a Conference Room requires high level design with respect to the variety of systems in play. Solutions from Display Screens, Audio Solution, Wireless Presentation Devices, Proper Cable Management, Video Conferencing, Web collaboration and Room Booking features are a must in a Meeting Room Solution.

Implementation of Display Screens based on the requirement such as a Projector, Interactive Screens, LED Panels. Projectors from Epson and Dell, Interactive screens from One Screens and LED Panels from Uniview can be provided based on the room dimensions and the aesthetics.

The Audio Video Control Units are a major factor in a meeting room or a conference room as the need is to connect a laptop to present information. The AV control system from one of our partners, Harman, is offers centralized automation system from different sources such as an audio, video or computer device. Providing a centralized solution makes the system user friendly for the clients.

The need of Wireless presentation devices is a must to avoid messy cables in a meeting room or conference room. With the use of such BYOD device any user can just walk in to the room and present any type of files, wirelessly. Devices such as Mobiles, Laptops and iPad’s can be connected directly to the BYOD device.

Emirates Net have also implemented many meeting room video conference solutions from Polycom, One Screen integrated with Harman centralized solution. The use of wireless microphones along with control units and screens for collaboration makes the solution from Emirates Net more user friendly, and reliable.

Adding an interactive room booking system from Evoko or Harman that can be easily integrated with any platform such as Outlook, makes the scheduling platform optimized. The touch screens display provides booking information at a glance

Video Wall Solutions

Today the LED display is the need of every industry and from indoor to outdoor all solutions are the common need either of advertising industry, Entertainment industry, Food and Restaurants, Malls or Cinemas etc. All industry needs the customizes indoor-outdoor display solutions that will increase the beauty of the environment and give the high-resolution display information as well.

Emirates Net are in close ties with the industries leading display screen production team – Uniview. Screens based on the customer requirements and the room size can be designed and implemented. The video wall panels can also be replaced with monitor screens from Uniview which are very thin when compared to the other manufacturers

Self-service Kiosk

User interactive Kiosk station multiple services such as Information Purpose, Queuing Solutions and Self-service solutions. Emirates Net offers solutions-based kiosk to match the needs of the client. The updates for the machine are automated so there is no delay during normal operations. Solution Kiosk for Payments, Multi-purpose, Drive through Kiosk, Video Banking machine are some areas the solution has been implemented. These are easily developed and deployed and customizable to suit customer requirements

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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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