Oracle Business Suite

Oracle Business Suite

With a dedicated team that lives and breathes Oracle and ERP, we have lead the way when it comes to delivering the most innovative, flexible application services and staff augmentation solutions in this market.

With our results-driven approach and continued commitment to this space, we have become the solution partner of choice. Our core team has combined experience of more than 40 man-years exclusively on Oracle Applications. This vast and in depth experience will help us address diverse needs of any enterprise.

Why Emirates Net for Oracle ?

Our consultants deliver work products and services that truly represent a return of investment. We focus on staying current with the newest technology, trends, and techniques, so that we can provide only the most thoroughly tested and proven methods to our clients.

Implementations, Upgrades and Support Services
Provide all support for your implementation requirements or you can opt for us to only substitute the gaps within your implementation. Upgrade services involves upgrading your database, application, technology as well as infrastructure. Our dedicated support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pool of Experts
We can source resources for your Oracle requirements, as a complete team or individuals on a needs basis. Our ability to source critical talent ensures implementation happens faster and your teams operate efficiently and more productively.

Training Programs
We offer training at your premises, online training or classroom training. We leave nothing uncovered under our Oracle E business suite training courses.