IFS Applications

IFS Applications

IFS Applications 8 ERP for Agile Companies

FS Applications 8 is a complete ERP solution supporting the management of 4 core processes: Service and Asset, Manufacturing, Projects, and Supply Chain. Combined with our deep industry knowledge and software for all your critical business processes such as Financials and HR, it covers all your business needs.

IFS Applications 8 at A Glance

IFS Applications 8 is a single, integrated suite of business applications that enables you to successfully handle four core processes:

  • Service & Asset Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Projects
  • Supply chain Management

But IFS goes beyond these to provide a comprehensive set of solutions for all your major business requirements, including

  • Financials
  • Human Resources
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Quality Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Eco-footprint and Sustainability Management
  • Business Intelligence

User-Friendly Software That Makes Your Business More Agile

A single, user-friendly product with a single purpose in mind - to make your business more agile. IFS Applications helps manage - and streamline - 4 core processes: service and asset, project, manufacturing and supply chain. And gives you a full suite of ERP software that lets you turn business challenges into business opportunities.